Aim of the group:

Control theory is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and mathematics, which studies the behavior of dynamical systems, to properly modify them, according to pre-established goals and criteria. It can be chronologically divided into classic control theory and advanced control theory, where the last one is mainly based on optimizing strategy, with a deeper mathematical foundation.

The Advanced Process Control and Monitoring Group (GCAMP) at INTEC (CONICET-UNL) is devoted to the study, development, application and statistical monitoring of a wide range of advanced control techniques. In this context, the main focus is posed on the strategy known as Model Predictive Control (MPC), and on its application to various dynamical systems.

The GCAMP can be considered as multi-disciplinary, since the processes that can be described as dynamical systems, and hence controlled and monitored are various and covers different fields, such as large scale industries (refineries), mechanical systems (robots and UAV), electric and electronic devices (smart grids, micro grids), biological and biomedical systems (artificial pancreas, drugs delivery), etc.

Main research lines:

  1. MPC Formulations
    • Economic MPC, Robust MPC, Zone MPC, Distributed MPC
    • MPC for closed-loop re-identification
    • MPC for controlling impulsive systems (drugs delivery problems, diabetic patients).
    • Monitoring and re-identification.
  2. MPC Theory
    • Stability with artificial references.
    • Invariant and Probabilistic Invariant set as a generalized target.
    • Stability of MPC for impulsive systems.
  3. Applications
    • Artificial Pancreas
    • Refineries
    • UAV
    • Smart grids, micro grids.
  4. Connection with industries
    • YPF S.A. (the Argentinean Oil Company) and Y-TEC S.A.

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